Eco-detox Method

At Eco detox, we are committed to helping you regain your balance. We propose a complete method developed by experienced professionals, who will accompany you at all times during the fast.


To fully enter the fast there is a preparatory week beforehand involving the elimination of certain foods from your diet, and another week after leaving with strict guidelines on how to reintegrate foods back into your diet. These guidelines are as important as the fast itself and must be respected to fully benefit from the detox.


We have programmed all activities to strengthen and help the fasting process, Yoga, meditation, conscious hiking, dance and nutrition talks are a perfect combination to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In addition to helping a comprehensive cleanse of your body.


Moderate physical activity, one of the pillars of our retreat, relaxes us, helps us to mentally unwind and disconnect, as well as creating internal conditions that facilitate the purifying functions of our organism.

Every day we will take part in a "mindfulness Walk" (Silent Nature Walks), as well as daily yoga, dance  workshops, Sufis Circles, etc.


During your stay in the house you can enjoy our team of therapists.  We offer Chi Nei Tsang massage, Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Massage. You can choose these therapeutic supplements to further increase the benefits of fasting. You can book the different treatments when you arrive at the house (each massage has a cost of 60 Euros )

Dont miss the opportunity to give even more rest to your mind and your body through our select range of corporal therapies.


Benefits of the Fast

Fasting makes it possible to eliminate all the harmful substances that we have accumulated over the years due to bad health habits and excesses in our diet, as well as those absorbed from environment in which we live

The body favours physiological detoxification during fasting, from this first phase the organism allows the discharge of those emotions that have been lying dormant for a long time. In Eco-detox we give a space for this sensitive cleansing

Fasting eliminates or reduces toxins in our body, the result of this elimination is the oxygenation of the blood and organs of our body, increasing our vital energy. Physical activity in our retreats accelerates the natural process of elimination of toxins


Reduce the work of our digestive system helps the regeneration of the intestinal flora improving our digestion. In the complete Detox process, including the post fasting diet, between 6 and 7 kilos of weight are lost, which favors a state of optimal form


During the Detox process our skin leaves a rest that provides the possibility to our dermis of the regeneration of many of its cells, generating a process of cleansing and skin renewal

The self-regulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system generates a space for the senses to recover and increase their sensitivity. The combination of fasting and rest allows a greater sensory perception


Throughout these last years, Eco detox has found the formula so that through our method the physical-emotional-mental and even spiritual fields have a space for self-healing. Everything is focused on the care and welfare of people


Let them tell you

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