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Hi, I'm Liliana Ochoa from Colombia, I'm here on my eighth day of fasting, many think you're not capable ... Eight days? You hallucinate! But it has been a wonderful experience, a gift that we have given ourselves here ... That anyone can also give it to them. You go light of everything, of weight, it is a complete detoxification


Hello! I am Natalie and I come from Germany, I was looking for a good place to have a different week, I was looking for a yoga retreat, and I found this ... detox, yoga, activities. Now that's here. It's already the sixth day and I feel really good so I can recommend it to you .... What happens with you in this process with your body, with your conscience, with your mind, with your feelings manifesting ... you really It helps to get through all these feelings, be it with group sessions, dance ...


Hello! I’m Esther. Today is my last day of the fasting retreat from Ecoayuno and the truth is that it has been an unforgettable experience. The people, the energy of the group, the workshops, the juices. Everything has been perfect. It is something that I will really recommend to friends and that I would repeat without hesitation ... Thank you!


Hello Detox family! My name is Elena, I come from Barcelona, ​​and coming to Detox has been an incredible experience. I came with a very saturated head for work reasons. I really go super calm, super clean, knowing that I have the strength to give, to sell and to give away. I recommend that you come, because I am a person who, at most, has been able to endure a whole week without hunger. I amaze myself ...