Workshops & Classes

In Eco-detox we care about people, for this reason our team of collaborators give you personal assistance throughout your stay.

nutrition & diet
Discover good eating habits

During the retreat there will be some nutrition classes with a qualified naturopath nutritionist. You can ask as many questions as you want about nutrition, both in the fasting process and in your usual dietary routine. We will also explore how food and emotions are connected, and how through observation and a better understanding of ourselves we can liberate ourselves from unconscious eating habits and develop healthier routines.



sun gazing
The technique of looking at the sun to heal body and mind

A technique of nutrition and meditation through the energy of the sun, we will use the sunrise for this ancestral practice with Diego Arnold, Sungazing practitioner for more than a decade






yoga and meditation
The ideal complement to Fasting

Fasting is part of the yogic diet. It has many effects including resting the digestive system, the detoxification and cleansing of the body, and a renewal of energy. It is often observed that when fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression disappears, insomnia stops, anxiety fades, the mind becomes calmer and a natural joy begins to appear. When physical toxins are removed from brain cells, mental-cerebral function automatically improves and spiritual abilities expand markedly; which are also the benefits of meditation.



theatre y danza
Activating body and mind helps improve detox process 

In the body there is an emotional memory that is often blocked and that leads to increased stress. During the retreat we will do activities to help unblock part of that memory helping us to feel lighter, free of the weight we have been carrying. We will experiment with movements and postures that will help this body unblock and release emotions.



mindfulness walk
Nature-conscious walks

We will take advantage of the beautiful forests that surround the grounds of the house to connect with nature and thus make a trip towards our own inner nature, walking in a group and in silence.